There’s No Place Like Home

Well, we got home from our vacation on Saturday night. I’d write about how that went, but several, um, family members have let me know that they read my blog. They let me know, in fact, in the most passive-aggressive way possible. So, as my grandmother used to say, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.

I did get a little knitting done while on the plane both ways. I also learned an important lesson: when you’re making a lace something with a brand-new-for-you pattern, it might not make the best travel project. Foot #1 was ripped out five times. On the bright side, the yarn has held up beautifully. No breaking, no splitting (and I’ve put it through some things this week). Just worked out great. Too bad the trip didn’t go as well.

You know, what I need is a vacation…