No Pictures, Just Words

Unfortunately, we’ve been doing that a lot here lately. Fortunately, it should only be for one more day. As an aside, I know what I want for my birthday this year.

Evil Dad came home Saturday night from his, um, business trip. It’s an annual thing, it coincides with a big barbeque festival, and it appears he survived his “business” yet again. While Dad was away, we did some knitting.

We worked on this, which is 2/3 completed. It’s nice to find a use for that Jacob fleece – I think the only other thing I could use it for is either a hat (where scratchiness doesn’t seem to bother me) or something that’s felted. I wish I could show you…Unfortunately, as Evil Dad was leaving the house at 6AM, he said, “You don’t mind if I take the camera, do you? I promised Former Co-Worker I’d send her the pictures.” Of course not, honey. As long as you don’t delete the pictures of Big Girl’s new quilt, which I’m saving for a post of its own. No, I don’t quilt, but quilting is a big thing in my mother’s family.


One thought on “No Pictures, Just Words

  1. Don’t they always steal the cameras at the worst time?

    We were talking about how many fleeces people use a year in my LYS the other day. The breeder uses 15 a year! How many would you say you use?

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