Our New Buddy

My daughter has a fondness for stuffed toys/”buddies”. It apparently doesn’t matter what kind of stuffed toy it is, she likes it. She has stuffed bears (a LOT of stuffed bears). She has stuffed dinosaurs. She has stuffed bats, stuffed lions, stuffed Nightmare Before Xmas toys. And now, she has another buddy…

Meet Murry (spelling deliberate), the shrunken head buddy. He appears to be a little bigger than his prototype, but I think the yarn size had something to do with it. As in smaller yarn, but same size needles. It’s all from the same Jacob fleece I’ve been working with for a while now, including the purple hair ties. Not too pretty, but it’s finished. And it’s been a hit with Big Girl. Her dad’s not happy, but it’s not for him.


3 thoughts on “Our New Buddy

  1. Very awesome! Not an Anticraft pattern by any chance???? I was looking at it recently.
    And I’ve tagged you, ready to be released back into the wild!

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