Drifting Toward Sleeve Island

I’ve finally finished the main body of the Simple Knitted Bodice. Here it is:
Most of the sweater is made from the Zanzibar Tencel yarn that Tianne sent me, from the first PRGE swap. The lace and borders are my handspun.

Here’s a closeup of the lace:

I tried it on this morning, after I finished binding off the bottom edge. When asked what he thought, Evil Dad said, “That’s kind of…revealing, isn’t it?” Well, yes. Yes, it is. I’ll most likely be wearing it with a camisole underneath, as it would show a whole lotta me.

The sleeves should go pretty well. Even with warmer weather coming up, I’ll be making the long sleeves. If I a) go up to the mountains or b) we wind up getting cold weather (snow is a possibility all year long here), the sleeves will be a very helpful thing.

In other things…I think I know what I’ll be using for a hem for Big Girl’s T-shirt, and have cast on for that. Things here have been a little shaky ever since our “vacation”. Not ready to talk about it yet, but it doesn’t involve anyone here directly (yes, we’re all physically okay).


2 thoughts on “Drifting Toward Sleeve Island

  1. I really like that sweater and it will be fine with a camisole or something. Otherwise you’d be a porn star;)

    Glad to hear you’re all physically ok. I hope things stabilize for you soon.

  2. I love it coming together so well and yes a cami or a skivvy will keep you rom exposing and warm at the same time. Cant wait to see it all finished. I wish we had snow here but we did have a colder than normal christmas day resulting in jumper use. We are in the grip of wet wild weather and its been rather icy.

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