Almost midsummer

Tomorrow is Midsummer’s Day/the Summer Solstice. My daughter loves this day; it’s the longest of the year, and every year she’s tried to scam going to bed later. It usually doesn’t work, but it’s fun to see what excuse she comes up with.
This summer, we’ve been swimming in our huge, palatial pool – you’ll understand when you see it – and buying school supplies. Big Girl begins kindergarten in three weeks. She’s thrilled, and can’t wait to go. I think I’ll leave it at that.

There’s been a little knitting going on. I started working on a little something for a dear friend of mine, and I’m roughly 1/8 of the way through. The next section will be a buster…Plus I’m working on Big Girl’s special something, and slogging away on Sleeve #1 on my top.


5 thoughts on “Almost midsummer

  1. Kindergarten already?!? Wow, time certainly flies by. I love Summer Solstice. There was always a great celebration during this time in Minneapolis. I should start scoping out stuff in PA as well 🙂

  2. Happy Solstice! I had completely forgotten until they mentioned it on the news this morning. It may explain why the week has been going so well for me:)

  3. Fair dinkum Big girl goes to knidergarten soon that is unbeleiveable time goes so quick. Glad you had a great Summer Solstice we had a very icy winter one here and it is still icy.

  4. Hey Sweet thang! So Im up and running just adding links and the host I decided to go with does the montly thing and is relatively inexpensive AND they were able to set up my mail server so that I can send and receieve mail from my account! It took me a time or two but I found the right place! Thanks for all of your help hun!

    PS Lani is on here too! hahaha

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