Le Tour de Fleece: Stage 2

You know, due to circumstances beyond my control, I almost forgot about the race altogether. That’s what happens when somebody’s getting ready for kindergarten – it just takes over everything. I did manage to spin a few rolags worth while they were riding through Belgium on the way to Ghent, but not much more than that. I missed Dunkirk completely. *sigh* Hopefully things will be better today.


5 thoughts on “Le Tour de Fleece: Stage 2

  1. Happy Bastille Day! Viva la France!!!
    C’est bon….et…uh….Le démuni I a fait des emplettes encore….I get it done by the end of the week. Weak I know, but we had a ton of bills to take care of and since this is more fun then not…welll….i wish i could be all punk about the bills, but I can’t.
    SO – while I do have some fun stuff already..the rest you will see by the 25thish.

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