Survival kits

The new issue of The Anticraft! is up; I looked at it with School Girl after school yesterday.

We looked at this with particular interest. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking to School Girl about emergency situations, and how it’s best to prepare in advance. So we talked about what they included in this kit, and what we might change around.

School Girl was concerned that there weren’t any bandages. I was also thinking that one might want to specify…metal DPNs, if one felt the need for a weapon. I’m just sayin’.

We got distracted by the shiny lights and soon forgot all about the coming invasion.

Speaking of zombie invasions…check out this week’s Pseudopod story. Pseudopod is a horror story podcast, it comes out every Friday (I think), and it’s always interesting. The stories are NOT FOR CHILDREN, even though this week’s story, “Big Boy”, was the first to give me actual nightmares. But they’re great; some aren’t as frightening as others, but they’ve all been great so far.


6 thoughts on “Survival kits

  1. ooooo! thanks for the horror link! i am amped to listen. i just read kelly link’s “Magic for Beginners” and am still reading the first one she published (after-dinner-brain-fart)…SO good. I had nightmares from one and now will NOT read before bed. Oddly haunting her stories. Not gory, just…gets me.

  2. I think the word “haunting” could be used to describe a lot of Pseudopod’s stories. This last one really got to me, but most of the others do have that feel.

  3. That looked like a good one! That’s probably my least favorite of Hitchcock’s movies – I just can’t watch it, it’s too much for me. πŸ™‚

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