Stitch for Senate update

I’ve written before about participating in the Stitch for Senate project. Basically, it’s a bunch of knitters making helmet liners, one for each US Senator. The most important part of the project, I think, are the testimonials of each knitter; their thoughts about the Senator who will receive the liner after the art project is completed. I got an email from Cat yesterday, letting me know that the testimony section, along with the liner, is now posted. Go take a look.

There are two of us who knitted for Sen. Ken Salazar. One of us is a military mom, whose son may possibly have to return to Iraq (if he hasn’t already) and who is speaking out against the war. The other one is…somebody I know very well. Ahem.

There are also quite a few Senators who are not as yet represented in the project. If one of those Senators happens to be yours, especially if they voted for the war, please consider joining us.


2 thoughts on “Stitch for Senate update

  1. I think it gives some perspective, especially for the Senators who voted to go into this war in the first place. A real, tangible object, one that real people will be wearing to…I’ll stop now.

    When the Senators actually receive their helmet liners, they do have the option of sending theirs to a soldier in Iraq. I hope that both of ours from Colorado get to go.

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