Finally, FOs

Yep, I’m justhisclose to not one but two FOs. I’m weaving in each and every fscking end on my Simple Knitted Bodice. I’m hoping I’ll be done by Monday evening, seeing as how it took me over an hour to weave in the ends on the neck trim and the upper 1/4 of the actual sweater. I’ve got, for some reason, a ton of ends right around the bottom of each sleeve to worry about as well.

And the sweater I was making for School Girl’s birthmom is now her Xmas present. Ahem. All it needs now is the second zipper facing, said zipper, and sewing up/more end weaving (sob). As soon as I’m finished with at least one of these, I’ll put up some pics. Right now the SKB looks like a black-and-glittery homage to the Elder Gods, tentacles and all. But not forever…


5 thoughts on “Finally, FOs

  1. There is nothing I hate worse than the finishing work on knitting projects. I don’t know why but I really just don’t like it. I’ve had fully completed sweaters languishing in their bags in the corner of a closet for months and sometimes years all because I didn’t want to sew them together. Lets see the evidence of these FOs 🙂

  2. It will be worth it to get all the finishing done – really!! I have a bunch of weaving, tacking and blocking to do too. I try to do it all together, get all the unenjoyable stuff done at once… Can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures of the FO’s

  3. Metalandknit: That’s what drove me to knitting in the round, to the point of converting every pattern I can from flat to round. *shudder* I feel for you about the sleeves, though. Not sure what it is about ’em, but no matter if you’re knitting, crocheting or sewing something, the sleeves are a land-o-misery.

    Sunneshine: If only it didn’t go so slowly. Can’t even watch a horror movie – I tried Halloween Thursday night, and it was too distracting. 😦

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