Soft Toyville plus…

Well, here are a couple of pictures, even though one isn’t finished. As for the title, it kind of tells you what’s actually done:

It’s from the book Dream Toys, by Claire Gardner of Knitted Babes fame. My daughter has a thing for mermaids, and she begged me to buy this book for this particular doll alone. I’m planning on making a couple of other things in here for her twin cousins for Xmas; a pirate, his ship, and a horse. The doll was easy enough to make, even though I loathe sewing up and there was a ton of sewing up on this project. But it’s done, and the recipient is thrilled.

There’s also this:
I’ll take some more pics when it’s completed. There’s some other things I want to say about this too, but right now I hear about 8 dozen more loose ends needing to be woven in. *sob*


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  1. Thanks, everybody! I might take the sweater outside when it’s finally done, assuming there’s not 3 feet of snow outside by then. 😀 I’m almost halfway done now…

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