Done and done

Well, the Simple Knitted Bodice is finally finished. Every single bloody end (and I’m guessing there were at least a couple dozen) is woven in, as well as can be expected. Finally, finally done. There might possibly be a picture of somebody sans head wearing said sweater, but I can’t promise anything. (translation: the picture was taken this weekend, but I’m not sure about actually posting it.)

The good parts: I’m very happy that I kept ripping out until the results were right. Honestly. It’s taken a little less than a year, as I began this while we were down in Taos last October. But it’s turned out okay. I’m also happy that I was able to use some handspun in this as well. There are a lot of things I’d do differently in the next set of glitz skeins I make, like cutting the glitz to size before carding instead of hoping that the spinning and plying would do the job, but I probably would make the Mardi skein again. Probably.

The bad parts: The ends. Oh, bob, the ends. Just thinking about that mountain of loose ends makes my head throb. I would definitely plan on spinning a whole 2-oz. skein per section of lace (at least) before attempting another SKB. Plus a whole skein for the neck edging. Seriously.

Other than that, school is out for the next two weeks for School Girl. Dad was off last week, so we were out and doing pretty much every day. I’m also thinking about reopening my Etsy store – yes, for real – and selling some things to raise some money for a friend. More about that another day; the sun is finally out this morning, and we need to get to the Water office while the road’s still decent.


3 thoughts on “Done and done

  1. I hate the finishing work on sweaters. Thats probably why I have some many pieces of sweaters languishing in the my WIPs (UFO?) pile. Congrats on finishing it!

  2. The real problem was weaving in the ends in the lace bits – all the wee handspun ends, for some reason. I just need to plan better next time.

    I’m getting up the nerve to show a picture…

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