Growing greens

Or how to ensure (sorta) that you won’t have to worry about the latest e.coli outbreak.
Now, I realize that this doesn’t come under the umbrella of a knitblog, but right now I’ve got nothin’. So…

Even if you live with only a fire escape/balcony/porchlet on which to grow plants, you too can grow greens. If you’ve got unfettered access to a sunny window, you can grow them year-round. You’ll need some seeds (Seeds of Change is great if your garden center either doesn’t sell seed year-round or is closed), and a few supplies:

  • Planting box
  • Potting soil
  • Plant food (seaweed extract works fine, is organic and can be found at Home Despot)
  • Something to water potential plants with. In a pinch you can use our watering can method…Wash and rinse a gallon laundry detergent jug really, really well; drill holes in the cap; use.

Check the seed package for the kind of greens (we grow “mesclun mix”/baby lettuce in the winter) you’ll be planting. They should read something like this…

  • Take seeds carefully out of packet. Make sure they don’t land on the floor, or you’ll be sad.
  • “Dig” a small trench-ish thing with your finger, in the area you’d like your plants to grow.
  • Sow/place seeds in a row. Don’t worry about spacing in a planting box, you’ll thin them out later. Just try not to dump the entire pack into one big clump. Remember, carefully.
  • Either cover seeds with a small layer of soil – not six feet of dirt, please – or don’t cover them, just
  • Water well, preferably with a spray bottle of water. If you don’t have one, you could either use a houseplant watering can (like the ones with a small, thin spout) or hold your watering device from about a foot or two from the soil surface.
  • You can cover them with plastic wrap at this point, as it will hold in heat and water and allow for faster germination/less watering at the beginning. Or not.
  • Wait. Most lettuce will come up in about a week.

Have fun. For more, um, detailed instructions you could go see the folks at You Grow Girl.