Soft Toyville: The Elephants

Every weekend, I look through the CRAFT blog‘s Weekend Podcast to see if there’s another toy pattern. So far, we’ve made a couple. This is about the latest two I’ve made; from the August 17th podcast featuring Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved toys. Loved them. Her favorite were stuffed toys. One day her mother, who by this time had seen her very last toy recall ever, asked her if she would like another toy.

“Yes, Mommy”, she said. “I want the cute elephants.”
“But baby, the elephants require…sewing up. A whole lot of sewing up. Are you sure?”
“Yes, Mommy. I’m sure. The elephants. A boy and a girl. Please.”

So her mommy took a deep breath, dug way down into the bottom of her stash closet, and made two elephants.
They don’t have the accessories, like the man-purse or the pretty flower behind Girl Elephant’s ear, but they’re acceptable. Very acceptable, I hear.


4 thoughts on “Soft Toyville: The Elephants

  1. They are very cute. I hate the damn sewing too. When my youngest asked for the knitted dinosaurs that I showed him I made his Titi Maribel make them for him;)

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