Well, here it is

In an attempt to drive away the very last of my traffic – and make myself feel better about possibly closing this down – here’s a picture of the new sweater…
new top

Why yes, I am fat. Thank you so very much for pointing that out to me. I never could have figured that out all by myself. Fsck you. It also doesn’t help that the sweater appears to ride up when I’m seated – the lace really is in the right place when I’m standing. Oops, and someone appears to have cut off my head. I’m sparing you that. Promise.


7 thoughts on “Well, here it is

  1. See when a sweater looks like that on my (which is often) I find an industrial strength bra can do wonders. Of course then I look like Elvira so it’s a trade off;)

  2. I think I have one of those somewhere…It’s just such a pain – literally – to squirm into the thing that I don’t wear it often. I might try standing if I ever get talked into another modeling thing…

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