Origin of the Species, in cuddly form

One of the animals from Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species really stands out as an example of both evolutionary adaptation to a given environment and extinction. At least it did for me.

That would be, of course, the Mauritius Dodo. For centuries (probably) it had no known predators. It was an ungainly, flightless bird who laid a single egg out in the open. When humans came to visit the island after Darwin’s expedition, they thoughtfully brought predators with them. There was some human hunting, but the real demise of the dodo was brought about by dogs and cats. The dodo couldn’t defend itself against either attacks on itself or its eggs. After that, it was merely a matter of time before the dodo became a poster child for extinction.

Fortunately, the dodo lives on in paintings, drawings, and cute crocheted buddies. Like this guy:
This little one took me a grand total of two hours to complete, from making the “magic loop” of the body to sewing her eyes on her head. There’s quite a bit of sewing, but it goes pretty quickly. Sorry about the crap photo – time was of the essence. I had to get a snapshot before she entered the Giant Black Hole of Toys and was missing indefinitely.

Other than this, there hasn’t been much to see. I’ve started a grocery bag, with some of my grandmother’s crochet cotton stash, but I’ll talk about that another day. One of us just went back to school after her break – I’ll talk about that another day, too.


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