Well, maybe “tomorrow” was a little premature

Yes, I meant to write something else this past week, but the weekend got in the way. We’ve been having intermittent problems with our dryer. “Intermittent” as in “the drum turns whenever the hell it feels like it, but the heater always works.” The belt is fine and the motor appears to be okay; we discovered this after Evil Dad had the thing apart and upside down for half an hour. So…a new dryer is in our future. Supposedly, the dryer is okay to use, as long as the fire extinguisher’s handy. I’ve been hanging clothes outside this morning…

I’m also more than halfway finished with a couple of things; a Reduction tote bag from the latest Crochet Me, crochet Reduction bagand a couple of dream pillows for the Etsy store.
Have I told you about the Etsy store? No? That’s probably because there’s currently nothing in there. Not really. But there will be soon. If anybody’s interested, I can show you how I make mine – they’re pretty easy and straightforward.

Other than that, we’re getting ready for Halloween. I’ve just heard that there is no Halloween celebration at my daughter’s school (Halloween’s a Satanist plot, didn’t you know), so I’m wrestling with keeping her home that day. Maybe having some of her classmates over for candy and cupcakes. There aren’t a whole lot of kids who do the Candy March/Trick-or-Treat thing anymore – I think we had two or three last year, counting School Girl and Dad. This weekend, if not sooner, I need to find the decoration box and start putting stuff up. At least on the inside.


4 thoughts on “Well, maybe “tomorrow” was a little premature

  1. The reduction tote looks great!

    Can they really take all the fun out of school? No Halloween? Growing up school Halloween was the best – you got to actually show off your costume before the make-up was smeared, the costume was ruined by a (rain) coat, and the magic wand was left somewhere… Not to mention all the sugar…

  2. Felicia: Yeah, there’s never been a lot of things in there – and there still won’t be at any one time – but it’s there.

    Sunneshine: Thanks! The whole Halloween thing makes me want to take her out of school for that day. It’s not like she’d be missing anything… 😦 We’ll probably be going to Boo at the Zoo instead the weekend before.

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