Take the Pledge

Well, last week was pretty damn long. School Girl held onto her fever for a whoppin’ 3 days. Now she’s feeling much better – and I’m sick. *sigh* Anyway…

The Happy Holiday Buying Season starts up earlier and earlier every year. On this, the week before Halloween, the site Buy Handmade has the Handmade Pledge:

I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me.

The best way to “buy handmade”, of course, is to make something yourself. Unfortunately, some of us have family and friends that subscribe to the old saying, “Handmade gifts are great…when you’re in kindergarten.” If you’re going to be spending money on them anyway, why not give your money to fellow fiber artists and/or crafters? Start over at Etsy, and look for…

There are a whole lot of others. Amy’s store isn’t on Etsy, but it’s terrific – especially for gifts for fellow knitters and spinners.


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