The Day Before Halloween

Remember how I said that some of us were feeling much better? Apparently, I lied. The one who was “feeling much better” had a fever and a dry, hacking cough yesterday. She went to bed around 7PM. An hour later, she woke up crying about missing Daddy (he was at the Broncos game with out-of-town vendors) and promptly both peed her pants and vomited up mucus. She’s downstairs on the couch again today. I don’t think trick-or-treating’s gonna happen. Maybe we’ll have an old-fashioned Halloween: candles, incense, an apple, pomegranate and a glass of milk, along with some talk about the dead people that we love and miss.

Am I doing anything? Sort of:

  • I’m still slogging away at the Tofutsie socks. I can’t seem to work at them too long at any one time; I do like the pattern I made up, so I’ll use it again with another yarn.
  • I’m also still slogging away at the Reduction Crochet bag. Almost halfway through Strap #1.
  • This weekend – assuming I live – I’ll finally finish up the Little Red Riding Hoodie. I just need the second zipper band and the zipper; maybe even a tag for the back.
  • Somebody has requested an Purple Elephant Buddy for one of her friends for Xmas. I think I’ve got another 4 weeks before their next break to knock that one out.
  • 1 1/2 dream pillows are embroidered, along with the beginnings of a little somethin’ somethin’ (Not worksafe language) for Evil Dad’s co-worker, whose cancer has gone out of remission.

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