This was Halloween

Yup, Halloween has come and gone. I meant to post yesterday, but I was pretty miserable. Whoppin’ head cold combined with a sore throat = not much Halloween fun had over here. School Girl, on the other hand, was feeling well enough to want to go to school. So, even though her school doesn’t officially recognize Halloween, off she went.

We’re both glad she did. They decorated cookies and made paper spiders during “center time”, and she had a great time. Evil Dad even came home early and took School Girl out trick-or-treating. They went to an area museum of wildlife art that was hosting a Halloween party/candy fest. She came home with a plastic cauldron full of candy and a happy smile. I, on the other hand, dozed while watching The Haunting for the 20th time or so.

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I thought School Girl’s costume came out okay…
She wanted to be an “Egyptian princess mummy”, so this is what we came up with. The crown is a coat hanger wrapped in duct tape, which came out looking surprisingly good. The rest was taken from Threadbanger’s series, “Halloweeny Wednesdays”, which featured a mummy costume. I did learn how important it is to start off with a shirt at least 2 sizes bigger, but she could still wear it and move around, which was fine.

Did I mention we have a whole lot of candy here today? No? Did I also mention how unappetizing a ton-o-sugar is when you’ve got a cold? Oh yes. It is. Hope your Halloween was a happy one.


2 thoughts on “This was Halloween

  1. Awww… sorry to hear you got the cold. I’ve also been fighting something off. I agree, sugar while sick is not very appetizing at all. I’m so excited for next year when the little one can join in to the Halloween fun. Feel better soon!

  2. That’s such a cute costume! I think you guys did a wonderful job putting it together.

    Re: Bauhaus washcloth: back in the day when I posted that link, Lion Brand didn’t make you register! 😦

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