Happy Holiday Projects

You can feel the excitement, can’t you? Funny…neither can I. Huh.

I’ve been casting about for ideas for gifts. One section of our family can be counted on to be spectacularly (and one might guess, deliberately) unhelpful. You know the ones…”Oh, anything you get will be fine, dear! Nothing we need or want. Just any little thing. You know, the expensive little things…” Gahhhh! Then there are the ones who are pathetically grateful for damn near anything. Surprisingly, I fall into that category myself. My part of the family, and my daughter’s birth family, fall somewhere in between. Gifts are fine. Gifts from a certain kindie are WAY more than fine. But certainly not necessary.

When I saw Sew Mama Sew‘s Handmade Holidays, I figured that might be a good place to get some ideas. Here’s something from Day 1: Aprons.

day1Apron.jpg Sorry about the picture; it’s damn hard to get a decent apron picture without a dress form. Maybe this will be a good excuse to give the Duct Tape Double a try. This was started…almost a year ago. *sigh* Oh well, it will be wending its way to its intended recipient very, very soon. It was made with the 1928 One-Yard “Flapper” Apron pattern from Decades of Style. It looked a lot like an apron my grandmother had, which is why I used that pattern. So far, this is the third apron I’ve made from this pattern; one was for me, and one was for School Girl. She uses hers both as a painting smock and as a “cook’s assistant” apron. The hardest part was getting the binding on the edges. I solved the problem on my own apron by just narrow-hemming the whole thing. I’m starting to wish I had done that on the gift one, but I’ll know for sure once I check everything once more.

Day 2 is pincushions. I’ve thought about trying a biscornu. The designs are all chosen, I just have to get busy.

Speaking of getting busy, I got something in the mail this morning – I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


One thought on “Happy Holiday Projects

  1. You crack me up! LOL Heck no I can’t feel the excitement. I’ve been dealing with Christmas creatures for weeks to put up in my shop so I’m not all that excited about Christmas. Yet!

    I just found out about her handmade countdown. I wish I had time to participate! Your apron turned out pretty awesome. And I need an apron too! Maybe I’ll squeeze in that pattern sometime this week.

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