A couple of FOs

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US. We had a pretty good day; the three of us made dinner and broke out the good china from my late uncle and aunt. School Girl even ate a little bit. She is an incredibly picky eater who doesn’t care for meat that’s recognizable as such. So…she didn’t even touch the turkey, or the dressing, or even any of the vegetables except for the sweet potatoes (the part with the marshmallows on top). She did suggest something that we did at dinner; we ate by candlelight (when you eat at 2PM, you have to draw the curtains for the right effect) and talked about the things for which we were thankful. It was really pretty nice – we’ll be doing that again, whether we have Thanksgiving by ourselves or not.

And today…Today I’ve got a couple of FOs to show. The first one is a pincushion I’ve been working on:
It’s my sister’s holiday present. If I had known what a PITA it was to do 2-count backstitches around the border, I would have bought Aida cloth instead of using 30-count linen. Put simply, 30-count linen hurts. Especially while working at night.

The second one is another crocheted toy. Or is it?

I got the pattern from Etsy seller amsdowns. It’s free and pretty easy to do, although it took me a while. School Girl thinks it’s pretty cute. Little does she know

Time to go work on some more presents. See you soon.


3 thoughts on “A couple of FOs

  1. Mwahahaha…Daleks! Must…make…one!! Exterminate boredom! Exterminate! Exterminate!

    (OK – I’ve had WAY too much turkey! It’s affecting my brain cells.)

  2. Love the pincushion – its beautiful, although my fingers hurt just looking at it… You are so organized with your holiday gifts already getting finished!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful candlelight Thanksgiving.

    I love that Dalek! It is a Dalek, right? It looks like a Dalek if it isn’t. And if it isn’t I don’t know what the heck it is 🙂

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