Holiday Gift Joy

Wouldn’t you know it…Just when I was finally ready to suck it up and put in the zipper, now I can’t find it. I know it’s in here somewhere…

I did finish something else today:

Stupid Easy Wrist Warmers
These are a pair of wrist warmers I made for my friend in western PA. She has rheumatoid arthritis, and the combination of the pain and cold is pretty severe for her. I’m hoping these will help a little. I wanted to make something thin and short-ish enough to fit under a coat, and that will provide a little support for her wrists. I hope she likes them.

Other than that, there’s not much to see knitting-or-crocheting-wise. I started an amigurumi elephant for one of School Girl’s classmates, and I’ve planned to make another one for her little sister. Plus I’m almost finished with the roving I received during the Knit to Spin swap. Part of that went into the wristwarmers; I really like how it’s been working with my drop spindle. And…my socks are almost done! Sock #1 is history, and Sock #2 is halfway through the foot. W00t!

I did make something last week; it was a last-minute present for School Girl’s teacher. School Girl went with me to the yarn store to pick out some yarn, and I made the Tunisian scarf from Stitch Diva‘s Decidedly Different Scarves. It went pretty quickly – or it would have if one of us hadn’t selected some Berrocco Suede. Man. The stuff sticks to the least little roughness in a surface. Like a stop on a Tunisian extended hook. Or somebody’s dry hands. I’ve got another project in mind for after the holidays, but I think I might pick something else for it. It has to be <em>very</em> non-stretchy, but a bit soft. Hmmm…


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