New Knitty and Happy Accidents

The Winter issue of Knitty is up. There are a few pretty interesting possibilities, including, maybe, a use for something we accidentally bought.

I mentioned about a week ago that School Girl and I went on a trip to our local-ish yarn shop. Local-ish because when you live where we do, nothing is local. Except, maybe, for a liquor store and two gas stations. But anyway. I made the mistake of allowing School Girl to select some yarn for a present for her teacher. One of the things she selected was a ball of Kidsilk Haze. Guess what the color was. Yes, that’s right…Candy Girl. The one that’s a wicked bright, oh-my-god-I’m-going-blind pink. Very, very pink. I was a little…reluctant to use it in the scarf, and I wound up having a yarn or two here that went fine with the other things she picked.

But now I’m stuck with one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I think Knitty has found a solution to my problem. Yeah, it’ll be “Hello Kitty pink”, but I’ve been wanting to try making something bigger than a washcloth or a scarf out of lace. With the shaping, it’s slightly more complex than a scarf – and it only needs one ball. And I get to try bead knitting. If only it wasn’t pink.


2 thoughts on “New Knitty and Happy Accidents

  1. Yeah that pink could blind you. Be sure to wear sunglasses or something;)

    I love that pattern to, it’s definitely on my (never ending) queue of things to knit.

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