Hoodie’s done

At long last, M’s hoodie is finally finished. I spent an hour Saturday night and two more on Sunday sewing in the damn zipper.

Did it suck? Yes. Does it look good?


As you can see…no. No, not really. Although the zipper itself lies flat against the band (and when you sew in a zipper, remember not to pull the stitches too tight so it will lie flat), the whole thing waves.

Maybe it would look better if there was a cute kitty to distract you.
Probably not.

I already know the fate of this garment. The recipient will say, “Aw, isn’t that nice!”, throw it in a drawer/throw it in the donation pile, and that, as they say, is that.

So why did I bother? Because. Because M is important to our family, and I wanted to do this. Anyway, after M sees what her daughter made for her, she’ll forget all about it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Hoodie’s done

  1. I think it looks very, very good. (And we all know what I say goes. ::wink::) Maybe you’ll be surprised & M will appreciate it more than you think. At any rate, pat yourself on the back for finishing something that is super tricky to do!

  2. Sometimes the process is more important than the result. You gave your time and energy to this project in her honor and that should definitely not be overlooked. Putting in zippers scars the bejesus out of me so I admire your efforts! And overall I like it 🙂

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