Snow Day and new projects

Yesterday was another snow day. It wound up being a snow day for my husband as well, thanks to a derailed light rail train. So he was on the computer for the vast majority of the day, “working”. Yes, those were his words – “I’m not really working, honey, I’m ‘working'”. The air quotes were a cheap, easy way to make me laugh, but it worked. School Girl was thrilled to have Daddy home, even if he did spend a lot of time upstairs on the computer.

Even though the train still is out at his station, Evil Dad made it into work – he drove. It looks like he’ll be doing that for quite some time to come – the RTA and the freight train owners are arguing over who will repair the tracks.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about what I would do differently with the sweater zipper. I think a big problem was the fiber content – it just didn’t block properly. At least what I would call properly. Next time, the sweater will be 100% wool, or it’s getting a button band. The main reason I chose the fiber I did was ease of care; the recipient may or may not feel like washing this by hand, and I didn’t want to force her into that by my choice of fibers. So, someday when I’m really under the influence, or so senile that I’ve forgotten all about this little fiasco, I’ll probably do another zipper.

I did start Ice Queen yesterday. The cast on went well; I kind of enjoy doing provisional cast ons, and this went smoothly enough. Thank goodness for the wicked bright pink; it’s making stitch counting easier. Which I suspect will be important quickly.

I think I’ve also found a project for the six balls of Baby Silk sitting in my stash box. Later…


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