Out in the Blazing December Sun

Ahhh…I feel better now that we actually went out for a while today. We got the mail yesterday, but that barely counts.

I wanted to show you the first 6 rows or so of Ice Queen:

As you can see, I went with markers for every pattern repeat. Eventually I’d like to make one out of the Wicked colorway, with clear crystal beads. There might be beads in this one yet, we’ll see.

I also did some sewing yesterday:
I’ve been wanting to try out BurdaStyle‘s patterns, and the oven mitt seemed like a good idea at the time… 😀 It was easy enough to sew; unfortunately, I forgot how much batting loves to creep and crawl around, no matter how securely it’s pinned. Next time – hand basting. Honestly, it wouldn’t have taken that much longer at all. The mitts are…a little smaller than the pattern shows, but they fit me just perfectly. Best fitting oven mitts we have!

Our outing today was pretty good. We wound up going to Michael’s for some supplies for me and School Girl. School Girl wants to make a ladybug from a painted rock and pipe cleaners (from Sprout Online), so we got some pipe cleaners. I got some supplies to frame up a cross-stitch thing I’ve finished for one of Evil Dad’s co-workers. If I can get it finished tonight, I’ll write about it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Out in the Blazing December Sun

  1. I cant wait to see your Ice Queen, its such a pretty pattern.

    Love your oven mitts too, I must get started on my holiday sewing…eh it can wait until January right?

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