F Cancer

I finished a little something for one of Evil Dad’s employees yesterday. He was kind enough to help me tighten up the back of the frame and take the following picture. Because of the NSFW language, it’s below the cut:


The pattern was from Subversive Cross Stitch, done on 18-count Aida cloth.

This took only a couple of hours. Unfortunately, my daughter is now a Reader. She is also a Curious Reader, so I’ve been getting a lot of “What’s that say, Mommy?”, along with the knowledge that she now is able to figure out when ol’ Mom is out-and-out lying to her about the words. So when School Girl was awake, the piece was hidden away, and it took about a week of stolen minutes to finish.

The person for whom this was made has breast cancer. It went into remission for about 5 years, and has since returned. She is currently undergoing chemo and radiation therapy, and is having a tough time at work. Very tough. She has three daughters, one of whom is still a teenager. They’ve been through this before – I can’t even imagine what they’re all going through.

If any of you are offended by the language – well, that’s too bad. I’m offended by the inability of health care to do a whole lot for cancer victims in general, and breast and cervical cancer patients in particular. I’m offended by the death of somebody who had a family and older children (the youngest was 12 at the time of her mother’s death) from something that is frequently mis-diagnosed until treatment is difficult and ineffective. I’m highly offended by insurance companies that won’t pay 100% for cancer patients’ treatment, hospital stays, and medication. Language, on the other hand, has never been that big a deal for me. IRL, I swear like a Marine with Tourette’s (not around children – that offends me too).


2 thoughts on “F Cancer

  1. I need that F cancer too, my mom died when I was 19 and my brother was 15 from breast cancer. It was also a mistake that the dr’s made and by the time they found out the truth it was too late. So Yeah! FUCK CANCER!

    Its very nice to see you making that for her and that you feel so strongly about it. YOur friend will be in my thoughts for sure.

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