Life beating away with a hammer

I’ve gotten a bit of progress on my knitting this week; the lacy ladder-looking Tofutsies socks are all finished, and they’re drying quietly after their bath. I’ll have a picture of them up in the morning.

Ice Queen is looking okay. Somehow I wound up with 7 pattern repeats instead of 6, but I’m getting the right stitch count on the first 6 repeats. If that makes any sense… It’s a lot more fun than I feared to put on the beads, and I know what color beads I’d like for the next one.

Bead knitting has also been a great distraction from the past few days. I’ve taken a break from my other blog for the time being, and alluded to what’s been happening here without mentioning anything. If you’d like to know, it’s after the jump.

Simply put, I was 7 weeks pregnant until last Friday. And now I’m not. I’d prefer not to go into it any more than that – except to say that all this will be taken care of permanently right after New Year’s. I’m pretty damn happy we’re not traveling this year as well.


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