Holidays are almost over

First off, thanks so much to those who commented on my last entry. I hadn’t started out to talk about that at all, and I’m not writing about it in my other blog. The whole thing was…just such a big surprise – and not a happy one – at my age. But anyway – thanks for caring enough to comment. It really meant a lot.

The Happy Holidays are almost over. Whoo! Just one more to go. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the end of 2007. At least there’s nowhere to go but up.

Actually, it was a pretty good holiday as these things go. School Girl loved all her stuff; in fact, there was (once again) so much stuff that she’s having even more fun with some of it today. So far, the dominoes and the globe/sky map have been the biggest hits. Well, that and her Big Kid bathrobe. She’s been asking for one for several months now, so she’s pretty happy about it.

We got a call from M yesterday, wishing us a happy holiday and thanking me for the sweater. I don’t do well with compliments on a good day, but I think I managed a “well, you’re welcome. I’m really glad you like it and that it fits.” I think. We’re getting together in a couple of weeks so she can deliver her presents to School Girl herself. I have no idea how the other presents were received at all. We’ll see.

Other than that…there are a couple more rounds of Ice Queen down, and I started a new pair of socks for School Girl. Nothing real fancy, just some basic cuff-down socks with a gusset, round heel and stockinette body to show off the patterning in the yarn.


One thought on “Holidays are almost over

  1. Eh – somehow I missed the last entry. I’m so sorry. 😦

    I’m glad the holiday was good for you. As Dylan & I said this year, “Well, it didn’t suck.”

    We tend to be a sardonic family…

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