More snow

And more snow, and more snow…Xmas day was a record snowfall for our area; Stapleton Airport reported 7″ of snow, and we got about 8-9 more inches today – at least here, which is roughly 25 miles southwest of Denver itself. Evil Dad was “working” from home today (his words, complete with air quotes, believe it or not), so this is the first time I’ve had more than 3 minutes on the computer.

I’ve got a couple of pictures from the past few days. First, the socks:
I like the drape of them; the yarn is a little on the drapey side to begin with, and the lace rib seemed to bring that out as well. They feel okay. I haven’t noticed any itchiness so far.

Next, a sock I started on Xmas eve for School Girl. Ever the optimist…
Even though it’s got the same amount of wool content (50%), the feel is completely different. Sock #1 is now almost ready to graft, just three more quick rounds.

Last, some more of Ice Queen:
Even though it’s blindingly bright and a little tough on the aging, sad eyes here, the Kidsilk Haze is fun to work with. Maybe I’ll try gray the next time.

I hope everybody else is having a great holiday season.


One thought on “More snow

  1. All that beautiful knitting! It does seem to help… And feels so right with all the snow…

    Wishing you and your family a 2008 filled with joy and laughter – sending good thoughts in your direction.

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