My first FO of 2008

Here it is:
As you see, I had a little “help” blocking the lace. I washed it in cold water with a teaspoon of Orvus WA, rinsed it in cold water, and finger-blocked it into shape. At one point, my cat was sitting right in the middle (so I had a lot more help), but I couldn’t get a picture of that.

A close-up of the lace:
That is, if you can notice anything in the blinding expanse of PEENK. Unsurprisingly, somebody has already claimed this. Of course, this is with the understanding that it doesn’t go to school at all. Ever. This is for dress-up and special occasions.

The pattern itself was pretty straightforward, I thought. I’ve never done a lace project before that’s shaped in this way, plus the beads and the Russian join made this quite a learning experience. I think I might even make one of these for myself…


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