It’s been a pretty eventful weekend here. We went to meet with School Girl’s other mom at a local wildlife museum, but she wound up getting stuck around an accident. Not in the middle of it, thank goodness; but it did result in a monster traffic jam. On Sunday, when she was going to meet us again, it snowed where she lived – at 8AM, when she called, there were 3″ on the ground and more was falling pretty hard. So we agreed that there was always next weekend.

School Girl took it much better on Sunday than she did on Saturday. It’s hard to sit there and hear your baby sobbing in frustration. At least M called, which is better than in the past – the last time this happened, she didn’t call and we didn’t hear from her again for 15 months. So things are getting incrementally better on that front.

Speaking of babies, I finished a little something for a new baby. I won’t be putting a picture up until it’s wrapped and safely on the way – sorry. I need to put some more things in for Mom and Dad as well, so it might not go until Wed.

In honor of joining yet another Ravelry group, I’ll be putting pictures of my spinning stash up as well. Not that it’s very big or anything, but some of these fleeces have been with me an embarrassingly long time. I’ve been working on carding for an hour and spinning for an hour each day, starting this past weekend. I’ve got 2/3 of another 2oz bobbin filled with freshly carded stuff so far. If I hadn’t been volunteering in School Girl’s class today, I could have gotten it done. My head hurts too much to do more than type away. Man, I love kindergarteners.


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