The cold gray skies

I really like winter. Sort of. The snow, the cold (but not too cold), the winter holidays with their emphasis on light and bringing back the sun out of hiding. In fact, the only thing I don’t like about winter are the steel gray skies of my childhood winters. On the Jersey Shore, we never got much snow…but we got day after day of dull gray sky.

The thing I like best about the place where I now live is the normally bright blue sky, both summer and winter. We’ve not had too many of those so far this month. So, I have to cheer myself up where I can.

First, a picture of what I sent off this week. I would have sent it off sooner, but School Girl was pretty sick until Wednesday.
I really liked what Heather did with her original version, but I get the squicks when sending off baby things with attached pieces (buttons, safety eyes, etc.). So embroidered it was. We also put in a couple of other things at School Girl’s request; some books and a small bag made from her favorite fabric.

Relating to nothing in particular – as promised earlier, here’s a few pictures of my spinning stash:
Here’s roughly 2.5 lbs worth of the Corriedale/CVM cross fleece I’ve been working on for Mom’s sweater. I have managed to spin almost three bobbins worth this month so far. Before anybody starts sneering…I’m carding all this by hand (yes, that means hand carders, not a drum carder) and it’s a three ply. So the individual bobbins are kind of crawling along, followed by some pretty speedy plying. I’ve been carding for an hour a day and spinning for an hour a day, not counting when School Girl was sick for four days last week.

There’s more…
From left to right, there’s a Shetland lamb fleece that I’d like to try spinning with some beads; part of a Churro fleece (I think there’s about 1/3 of the fleece in that picture); and a Cotswold/Jacob fleece that’s my oldest unspun fleece (I won’t even mention how long that’s been sitting around).

And more…
Yes sir, yes sir, three of the five bags of that Churro fleece from above.

Now that’s not all…I haven’t shown you the three pounds of dyed roving that I’ve yet to start in on. Hey, at least I don’t have to card that.


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  1. I hope School Girl is feeling better! We love our package of goodies 🙂 We will try to get pictures soon 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

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