Birthdays and knitting

So, the only thing I’ve been doing for the past week or so has been preparing for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She decided she really, really, really wanted a party. We discussed inviting the whole class, but settled on just a few of her best friends from school; it was her own decision, although I was cheering inside when she told me. Just a couple of games – pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and the Ice Cream game (making ice cream with two plastic bags and lots of throwing, as seen in Howtoons. Lunch. A pinata. And all in 90 minutes.

Well. Even though it didn’t go quite as planned, it was still fun. School Girl said she had a great day, so that’s good enough for me. There were 8 kids here altogether, her best friend and family (including her mom) and a couple of other classmates. Two of the people we invited couldn’t make it; both sick with the flu, which has been going around in various forms for months here. We had pizza and pop for lunch, played pin the tail on the donkey, and then…Then the kids wound up going upstairs to harassplay with our dog. I think that was probably the highlight of the afternoon. That and the indestructible pinata.


We bought a pinata from Big Box Store. It was our first experience with a pinata, and in our defense we didn’t know any better. Yes, it felt a little heavy, but I didn’t really think about it. We used some plastic rods instead of broom handles, and…nothing. The rods moved the pinata around, but didn’t even make a dent. Not even when Best Friend’s 8-year-old sister did an overhand slam in a vain attempt to get the thing open. We wound up breaking the hanging loop, and as it hit the floor it kind of shook a little but didn’t break. At all. I had to open it with a pair of tin snips, because the scissors I have wouldn’t cut well enough.

See that picture up there? That was the problem. The pinata was built from corrugated cardboard. Seriously. Like moving box cardboard, but sturdier. Heavier, too. But we were able to open it, and we split up the stuffing equally to all the guests.

After the party, School Girl went with Dad to Build-a-Bear for a ridiculously expensive poodle. She is loved dearly now, and seems very happy here at Chez Evil.

Is there actual knitting here today? Why, of course there is:


That’s the first 6″ or so of my mom’s sweater. So far, so good. I might take out some of the 15 or so markers I’ve put on there; now that there’s some pattern repeats, I think I can figure out where the cable sections are. I think. I need to do some more spinning this weekend for it, too. Not that I’m running out yet, but I know I’m not finished with the spinning. There’s an extra bobbin that’s completed; I need two more for plying purposes, so that’ll make three more skeins.

It’s such a beautiful day – we’re heading out for the afternoon. Have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Birthdays and knitting

  1. Love the pinata story – had a very similar version for my 8th b-day – dad finally had to use a knife. Hope all is well with you this snowy day! Happy Birthday to School Girl!!

  2. Happy belated to School Girl:D

    Those pinatas are a joke. We’ve never had one that we were able to break easily although none as bad as yours. Typically it takes a frustrated adult swinging the broom handle to get the job done.

    We do the pull string ones now.

  3. Sunne: We’re definitely going to make one next year; I think we’ll try it out at Xmas. Thanks! *hugs*

    Nancy: I tried looking for the pull string ones, but the regular ones were the only ones I could find. 😦

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