It was such a beautiful day

There’s not been a lot going on, fiber-wise. This is always a busy time of year; it starts with School Girl’s birthday, goes through a series of birthfamily visits, anniversaries (one of which is our wedding anniversary in two weeks), and ends with our Family Day – the anniversary of School Girl’s placement and the beginning of our family.

I did manage to work on my mom’s sweater. It’s done up to the underarm bind-offs, which is always exciting in a sweater both done in the round and with set-in sleeves. Yet another reason for designing something myself, but it couldn’t be helped this time; it’s actually been easier to have that crutch to rely on. It’s allowed me to be able to start fairly soon, instead of waiting until Mom’s feeling better physically/there’s somebody around to measure Mom/we get out there to visit so I can measure her myself.

Today I was thinking about the anniversary of The Call.
Every adoptive family has their version of The Day We Got The Call; The Call being, of course, the day they first heard about a potential placement which turned into their baby girl/boy. Some have more than one Day to celebrate, but we just have the one. It was so weird, I’ll never forget it – and it went like this:

That day was incredibly beautiful. It was almost like everything was glowing – very weird, but really special. I went to our favorite candle shop and a couple of other places. The one thing I remember was that I was happy. For the first time in a long, long time; happier than I had been before our first failed placement 6 months earlier, by a long shot.

When I got home, I had a phone message. It was from our social worker, a call about another potential placement. She said that a couple had selected us (she didn’t tell us that it had been from 3 times more people than the average placement, not yet anyway). She also said that the mother was having a difficult time and had visited her baby every day; that the father might not sign his parental rights termination papers. We had gotten calls like that before; mostly for babies with serious medical needs, including our previous failed placement. This one felt a little different…but not all that much.

Such a beautiful day. I’ll never forget it…even though I’m not describing it as well as it deserves.

Oh, and I’m not able to respond in comments here. 😦


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