Break’s Over

Our school’s um, spring break is officially over. School Girl went back this morning. It was predictably chaotic. Not us getting ready to go, but the whole thing. Over the break, our elementary school was split into two different schools; InsertTownNameHere Primary (for grades K-2) and InsertTownNameHere Intermediate (for grades 3-6). This, supposedly, will allow us to go off the year-round calendar and have a semi-traditional calendar; one with two-week-long breaks liberally sprinkled about, but with an actual *summer* like the rest of the towns in the area.

To make a long story short, the transportation issues haven’t been worked out yet. It was, I hear, ugly for those kids riding the bus. Really ugly. Like not having enough buses for the kids needing to ride them. Nice to see our administration on top of things… Oh yes, and little things like dropping kids off across a very busy street with no crossing guards or stoplights to assist them off the bus and into the school. Teeny glitches like that.

I talked to School Girl’s teacher about her taking off for our Family Day anniversary next month, but didn’t really explain why. There were other kids around, and we’ve had The Talk about School Girl’s adoption; she’s old enough to own her adoption story, and can tell/not tell whomever she wishes. I had asked her earlier if she wanted me to tell her teacher why we were taking the weekend off, and she said no.

I did work on some more yarn today; one more bobbin down, one more to go before I start plying another three skeins. This might possibly be enough. I’d like to make up some yarn for sale and maybe dye it. Originally I had intended to dye this fleece to begin with; I really wanted to see what I could do with overdyeing gray wool, as I’ve seen some pretty yarns done that way before. I’ll have to see what my yardage looks like before I do that, though. Gotta make sure there’s enough to finish the sweater.

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  1. Heh. Two words – poor planning. The details never take care of themselves, and I think that’s what happened. Hopefully it’ll be taken care of before School Girl goes there. 😉

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