Spring in the Rockies

I’ve lived in a lot of different areas of the US. The place I now live has easily the weirdest “spring” I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s even weirder than in Northern California, where spring is roughly in between the Green season and the Brown one. I should say that I grew up on the East Coast, where spring can be rainy and chilly, but usually the weather gets predictably warmer as the months go on. It was kind of like that in western PA, but not so much in NC. At this time of year, Charlotte can be pretty damn warm.

Not here, boy. Not here. Yesterday we nearly froze because I was too stubborn/cheap to take the car to pick up School Girl and our neighbor. Yes, two to three times a week, I have been “persuaded” to escort one of our neighbors (in School Girl’s class) to his day care provider. I do it because I like the neighbor/his family. But anyway. Today was slightly better, or would have been if not for the wind.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow and rain. All day. And School Girl gets hysterical if I drop her off at the front door and don’t wait for her class to enter the building. Hysterical.

Oooh, tomorrow will be a joy.

I still have some projects to help me along. Brighton is coming along nicely; I’m about 2″ away from the bottom, so I need to start looking for handles and a lining. I even might have some yarn left over. Mom’s sweater is going…okay. The armholes have been bound off, and I just finished the front neck shaping. I think I’ve found another ball’s worth of Baby Silk to finish up Seraphina’s Shawl, so I’d like to work on that sometime before the weekend.

Next week is the 6th anniversary of our Family Birthday. More about that later.