Another week, another project

So, our “family birthday” has come and gone.  Wewere going on a trip further South than we live, but the weather put a bit of a damper (heh) on those plans.  Forecasts of 5-8″ of snow tend to do that…

I have been doing a little more knitting…
That’s the body of Mom’s sweater, up to the neck shaping in both front and back. Sleeve #1 is roughly 1/3 finished. Yes, I’m making those in the round too. 😛

Brighton is almost finished; this is the latest picture I have.
Since then, I finished the bottom, and blocked it. Sort of. I didn’t stretch and pin it, just washed it and stretched it gently into shape. Now I have to get some lighter interfacing and decide what sort of lining I’ll use. I’ve got a nice quilting fabric with bats on it, but I’ve been told it should be blue. So we’ll see.

I also started on something for my brother-in-law’s wife. Her birthday and my nephew’s birthday are all in the same week, so we’ll just mail their presents at the same time. I’m feeling…optimistic.
I started on the Lace Ribbon Scarf this past weekend; in between listening to my jealous husband whine on about how knitting is “all you ever do”. I’m oh, so tempted to show everybody here what “doing nothing around the house” actually looks like. Maybe this summer, when I’ve got an excuse.