I hate deadlines

I really, really hate deadlines. In fact, I hate deadlines so much that I wind up sabotaging every single project that has required I stick to a plan and finish it by a certain time. Every. Single. One.

I blame it on my ADD tendencies (well, okay, much more than tendencies), but honestly I am incapable of finishing a single project by a specific time. Case in point: my soon-to-be-belated birthday present for my brother-in-law’s wife.

I started the Lace Ribbon Scarf about 3 weeks ago, which I thought would be a reasonable time frame to get it knit up, blocked and sent out.



See that? That picture was taken about 15 minutes ago. On her birthday. That’s right. Not only is it not blocked, it’s still on the needles. Fsck.

I’m using Lacey Lamb, which was my first mistake. Lacey Lamb appears to be a cobweb weight yarn; it took me over an hour to wind the damn ball by hand, and was impossible for me to work with straight from the original skein. (Yeah, I’m so lazy that sometimes I just knit right from the skein without making a ball. Sometimes.) It has taken me forever to knit this sucker, and I think the scarf is only 40″ or so as it stands now. I might get it finished this weekend, providing the weather is as crap as is being predicted (the other problem I’ve had – it’s too nice outside to knit).

Of course, I’ve still got some other things I’m working on. I have to go out and get more interfacing for Brighton, so I can finish that. I have the increases all finished on Sleeve #1 on mom’s sweater, so I’m about 2/3 finished with the sleeve.

Oh, and I cast on during School Girl’s ballet class for another pair of socks. I wind up doing better when I can flit from project to project.