Happy May Day!

As I’m writing this, we’re in the middle of a snowstorm. School Girl and I were covered from head to toe in snow this morning – walking from the school parking lot to the front door. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down, either. May baskets, anyone?

I do have a couple of things to show today. The first one is Brighton, all finished except for the handles.
Almost finished Brighton

The lining went pretty quickly, once I was able to get the proper weight of interfacing. I had some Mighty Heavy interfacing, for another bag I’m working on, but it would have been way too much for this. The handles are supposed to be here soon. Either today or tomorrow – not bad for sending off to the East Coast.

The other thing is my mom’s sweater. Sleeve #1 is almost finished. This is what it looks like, halfway through the sleeve cap shaping:
Mom\'s Sleeve #1

I’m…okay with it. I hope my Mom likes it. It’s looking like they’ll be coming out for a visit in June, along with my sister and her girls/our nieces. School Girl is beside herself with excitement. She’s planning a party so her cousins can meet her friends.

In fact, the sweater is coming along a hell of a lot faster than that damn scarf I’ve been working on. I think I’ll do two more pattern repeats, and just finish it up. From what I’ve been measuring lately, the scarf should be about 6′ by the time I’m finished. And there appears to be quite a bit of yarn left over.

Oh, and if I should ever start ranting about how much fun it would be to spin up some cobweb yarn to make an Orenberg shawl, please remind me about this. At least it’ll slow me down enough to make it a year-long project instead of two weeks.