They’re here!

They’re here! They’reherethey’reherethey’rehere! The bag handles – they’re here!!! And someday, when my iPhoto feels like cooperating with my camera, I might even be able to show them to you. I sent to Purl for them earlier in the week, and they were on the doorstep early this morning. For us, that’s damn fine service, and it was less expensive than the real leather ones I had considered using. I think they’ll be just fine. A little short, perhaps, but I think it’ll work out.

I’m particularly disappointed in my grumpy iPhoto/camera combo this morning because I had a picture of the tulips from yesterday on there. Every spring, ever since we moved here almost 4 years ago, it’s the same thing:

  • Tulips/daffodils/crocuses bloom.
  • It snows. It snows hard.
  • Tulips/daffodils/crocuses are crushed under the weight of the heavy snow, never recover, and die for another year.
  • Repeat next spring, ad nauseum.

It looks like the snow wasn’t quite deep or heavy enough to do that this spring. Hey, who says there isn’t an up side to global warming? (I have to laugh, or I’d never stop crying.)