Mother’s Day

So, this Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US. This year finds me, once again, working on my mom’s sweater. Yes, it’s the same one I talked to her about last year when I got her measurements, etc. In my defense, there’s been a hell of a lot going on in both of our lives – School Girl’s first year of school, my mom’s (now) three surgeries and subsequent recovery periods, including one rocky cold-turkey withdrawl from Percoset – so it’s been a bit of a challenge to get coordinated with things. For example, it’s tough to try on things when one of the parties is 1000 miles from the other.

But, we’ve decided to postpone Mother’s Day until Mum and Dad come out here for a visit in June. They’ll be here with my sister (on business) and nieces (on monkey business) for about a week. So hopefully Mum will be feeling well enough to have some fun while she’s here – and I have a good shot at finishing this behemoth.

We’re falling back on the Gift Card thing for my MiL – somebody didn’t bother to ask what she might want, so we’re sending a gift card this morning. Last year I got her a gift subscription to CRAFT, but I have no idea if she likes it or not, so I think I’ll pass on that one this time.

We got M and C, her mom, a card and a bunch of pictures of School Girl. I think they’ll like that more than anything else we could give them.

As for me…I’m having a tough time with Mother’s Day myself, and will be just as pleased when it’s all over, thanks.

I do wish all the rest of you mothers, grandmothers, and others a very happy, healthy and peaceful Mother’s Day.