Time for Planting

This week is the first time it’s felt like late spring/early summer for more than 2 days in a row. So, of course, it’s time to get busy outside.

I’ve already started some things in the yard:
This is one of two tubs of peas that we’ve got going, and ready to be trellised. Hopefully by the time we actually harvest the peas, it won’t be too late to plant some pole beans in those pots. Which was what we originally planned.

And here are some volunteers from last fall. Every couple of years, the feverfew plant dies over the winter, and the following spring gives us plenty of volunteer feverfew babies like these. I really like feverfew. Chewing the leaves gives me a break from my periodic (sorry!) migraines, and the flowers are so pretty. Both School Girl and I love them. I’ve also heard that feverfew is a terrific companion plant for old roses (like damask or cabbage, not hybrid teas). Maybe next year we’ll test that and see what happens.

There are also plants to get ready for the ground as well:
the cherry tomatoes, at last, along with the Super Secret Seedlings that School Girl started at school a couple of weeks ago. We think they’re either lima beans, a radish, or peas. They’re probably not peas, as the leaf isn’t right. No, I didn’t think to take a picture – it’s not my plant. I’ll see if School Girl will take one this afternoon when she gets home.

Last but not least, there’s some actual fiber pics today. Ooooh!

The Stupid Easy Anklets, all finished, with the toes sewn up and the ends woven in. I’m also making a pair for School Girl. She’s tried on Sock #1 and pronounced it Not Itchy and Very Acceptable for summer hikes. So I’m feeling a little better…


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