Memorial Day: Stone Gardens

Today is Memorial Day in the US; the day when our country pays tribute to the military men and women who died defending their country. Here, it’s also the first unofficial day of summer. This means nothing to us this year because a)School Girl has 2 1/2 weeks of school to go (bet you can’t guess when she goes back, either) and b)we’re all sick. Again. But anyway…

Instead of a regular fiber posting, here are some pictures from the “ring of honor” at Littleton Cemetery. Enjoy.

And a couple of individual headstones. This gentleman died during the Spanish-American War:
DWK, US Army

This one, who served during the US Civil War, believed in having a friend (or two) for lunch…


Speaking of having friends for lunch, I’m halfway through the leg of Zombie Sock #1. More tomorrow.