Zombies (and feeling like one)

I’m almost done with the leg for Zombie Sock #1. See?
It’s going pretty well, actually. The combination of the dropped stitches every 6 rows and the knitting through the back loop (the designer recommends it to stabilize the dropped sections, and it really does help) helps to keep me focused. Which is a good thing, considering that we’ve all been pretty damn sick for the past week. School Girl is feeling better this afternoon, so she’ll be going to school in the morning. Which is also a very good thing. It’s not that I don’t like having her around, but it does make it easier to find some flute/piano time during the day. And if I’m going back to work, I’d damn well better find at least a bit of that between now and August…

I also got a little done on Mum’s sleeve #2, but you really don’t want to see that. It’s, well, just another sleeve.