Down to the Wire

School’s almost out. W00t! I honestly didn’t think I’d be looking forward to the end of school the way I am right now. It’s a long story, but I’m rethinking whether or not we want to be in public/formal school at all right now. We’ll take another look at things after the “summer” is over, and see if certain things improve once we’re away from the Fun Factory.

Enough about my whining…lets see some fiber things!


As of yesterday afternoon, this is what Zombie Sock #1 looks like. The heel went pretty quickly, and I think I like the garter stitch edging enough to try it on another pair sometime. I’ve also made it up to Sleeve #2’s cap on my mum’s sweater. I’m hoping to have it done enough for her to try on while they’re here (two weeks from now). I might make it…probably not finished, but with most of the hood done and the major seams/sleeves sewn up. With the modifications I’ve made, I just have to sew the shoulder seams and sew in the sleeves. Oh, and the ends. *shudder*

I think I have enough yarn spun up to complete the sweater, but I’m doing another three skeins just in case. I almost always underestimate the yardage when I’m spinning. Not this time, buddy. Oh, no. There’s plenty of fiber left in the tub; if I have enough, I’d like to dye some just to see how it looks. That was my original plan when I bought the fleece in the first place, after all.