One Sock Down, One to Go

So…this weekend, even with my numerous handicaps, I finished Zombie Sock #1 and cast one for Sock #2. Pictures are coming up, just as soon as my hand heals up a bit more. As it is right now, I’m typing with all 7 working fingers (9 if you count thumbs on space bars and such). Such a stupid thing, too…I am no longer allowed to use a sharp object (like, say, a chef’s knife) unsupervised by a competent adult.

Oh, and we’re going to see if School Girl is well enough to make it to her kindergarten graduation tomorrow. I finally took her to the doctor after this latest round of the icks. Apparently, it’s not pneumonia, as it’s in only one lung and not both. Plus I’m not sure if she’ll be allowed to participate (which would really suck, I’ve gotta say) as she’s been out for the past 3 days now. Oh, and did I mention that C (School Girl’s other grandmother) is coming up for this? Ugh…if it were only over now.

But enough about that… I really like how the sock turned out. The fit around is just right, and the pattern really does look nice with the striped yarn. You’ll see soon.

Well, now that I’ve managed to open up my cut once again, I’ll finish this up for now.


2 thoughts on “One Sock Down, One to Go

  1. You’re just having a bad run at the moment aren’t you? 😉

    At least the sock is a bright spot!

    Hope school girl gets better and can go to graduation. I also hope you stop opening your cut;)

  2. 😀 I’m finally starting to get some use/feeling in the tip of my finger. So it’s not as scary as it was.

    It’s a tribute to my incredible stubbornness that I’ve been doing any knitting this week at all. I did a little ribbing after graduation this morning…

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