Happy July

Yeah, I missed the weekend. Not quite sure why I said I’d post last weekend, as I usually don’t get to that. But there you go.

I do have some things to show, though…
Mom\'s sweater, almost done

That’s my Mom’s sweater, almost finished. I did a 3-needle bind-off on the hood, and that turned out pretty well. Just need to do the edging (and can I just say how much I’m looking forward to that), sew in the sleeves, and it’ll be finished. I know that if I say it’ll be ready for her birthday in August, something awful will happen and it won’t be finished for another year – so I won’t. But I’m hoping maybe by the end of the year…

zombie 3/4 finished

The Zombie Socks are heading into the stretch; just one foot and toe to go, and they’ll be done. I like the stitch pattern, and the challenge of once again translating instructions in my head to something else – and I think I like the way they’re turning out. The stockinette/rib is in stripes, and the stitch pattern morphs the yarn into…something else, which I think looks pretty good. So I’m happy with how they’re turning out.

I got almost no knitting done while our company was here. I might write about it later; to sum it up, the kids had a blast, I actually talked to my sister for the first time in, um, a very long time indeed, and I faced some things about my parents that have been tough for me. So…like I said, maybe later.