Just a Quick One

I should do a series of these…

  • My Mom’s Sweater is finally finished, save for the weaving-in of ends and blocking. The good news? This year she’ll have a birthday present…
  • I’m still slogging away on a crocheted D20 and my Serafina’s Shawl.
  • I’ve just barely started (as in: now I have the yarn) a couple of new projects: a pair of Arr-gyles (is it stupid of me to attempt them in the round, and just keep the floats short?) and a chess set.

This is the official last day of our summer. School Girl goes back for 1/2 hour tomorrow morning and then a full day on Friday. I’ll have more by then. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quick One

  1. There’s been a bit of neighborhood drama, and I’m really wanting to move now, but other than that it’s been good/busy!

    I’ll be able to write a bit more on Friday, when School Girl starts back.

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