It’s almost finished

Yep, my mom’s sweater is almost finished. Here’s a shot of it after its latest bath, before it’s completely blocked/smoothed out:

Not quite done, but almost
Not quite done, but almost

The best part is…I can send this to her for her birthday in two weeks. I’m guessing it’ll be dry by then.

I really liked spinning the yarn for this. In retrospect, I probably could have planned the color changes better, but the yarn wound up being kind of pretty. Just hope she likes it…
Speaking of color, for some bizarre reason it looks blue (at least on my browser). It’s not. It’s a variegated gray.

In other things, school started last Friday. School Girl has had a good first two days, I think. She’s got some familiar faces from last year in there, including her best friend, so that’s helped quite a bit. Her teacher seems pretty good; I’m anxious to go over there for Parent Night on Thursday, when we’ll find out a little more.

I’ve also started…two more pairs of socks and, um, something else. Plus I’m sort of working on a new yarn, based on what’s left of the CVM cross fleece I’ve got left over from Mom’s sweater. It’ll involve dyeing, but it’s still nice enough to do a lot of that outside, so it shouldn’t be too painful.

Oh, and the Colorado “primaries” are today. Just because we aren’t voting for President right now doesn’t mean there aren’t people to vote for today. So get out there.


4 thoughts on “It’s almost finished

  1. Your mom’s sweater is beautiful. Someday I’ll spin up enough yarn for a sweater, but until then it’s always inspiring to see other people doing it. Especially in time for a birthday.

  2. You’re very kind! Thank you.

    I should say that I started this…not this past Mother’s Day, but the one before. At least it’s not in time for Xmas. 😀

  3. Hi Spinning Goth,

    I’m glad to see you again. I missed you for most of the summer. I know you were busy with School Girl and knitting. Great sweater by the way. What else have you been up to?

    Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

  4. M’lady,
    *hugs* Not a whole lot, but some fun busyness – it was too hot to do a lot of what we planned, but still pretty good.

    Spinning Goth

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